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Conn Maciel Carey Earned ISO 27001
Certification for Information Security

Conn Maciel Carey LLP is proud to announce that it has achieved ISO 27001 certification – a security-related benchmark issued by the International Organization for Standardization for managing security assets. It ensures that organizations have robust processes in place to identify, manage, and reduce risks to information security.

Background about ISO 27001 Certification

At CMC, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of our client data is of prime importance. Data breaches and ransomware attacks are on the rise for many industries and organizations around the globe and law firms are no exception. ISO 27001 certification was a necessary next step to ensure that we are identifying and proactively managing risks and avoiding security threats. The certificate provides a globally recognized standard of the CMC’s data security practices encompassing all types of business data including electronic information, hard copy data, and third-party suppliers. This achievement further affirms CMC’s investment in the security of our client's information.

The ISO 27001 Certification Process

To obtain certification, CMC underwent a rigorous set of internal and external assessments, audits, evaluations, and process implementation to ensure its IT systems and data privacy practices met the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. This required the cooperation and participation of all CMC personnel including management, attorneys, and staff.

A Promise to Our Clients

By obtaining the certification, CMC commits to providing its clients with global best practices for information security management and ensures that proper policies and procedures are in place to secure valuable client data. CMC will maintain the ISO standard with ongoing evaluation, enhancement of our policies and systems, and implementation of innovative security solutions.

Click here to view the certificate. The status of CMC’s ISO 27001 certification can also be verified on the Intercert website linked here.


“We understand to be a great partner to our clients, we need to treat their confidential business information like it’s our own,” says the Chair of CMC’s national OSHA Workplace Safety Practice Eric J. Conn. “That’s why despite being a boutique law firm, we’ve built a cybersecurity infrastructure that rivals any of the big ‘white-shoe’ law firms out there. We are so proud that our investment in IT security has been recognized and that we have earned the ISO 27001 certification.” He continues “Just like we do in supporting our client's compliance mission, we see this as our duty to protect their interests from cybersecurity threats.”


Chief Operating Officer Mikel Koon says, “This meticulous process was a vital investment for us to protect our clients. I am more confident than ever in the ability of our employees and contractors to keep our client information safe, based on the continued current training that we now require of all personnel.”

About Conn Maciel Carey LLP

Conn Maciel Carey LLP is a boutique law firm focused on Labor & Employment, OSHA/MSHA Workplace Safety, and Litigation. We serve multi-national organizations, start-ups, small businesses, and individuals, providing strategic guidance for employment counseling, government regulatory investigations, and complex litigation. What sets us apart is our special emphasis on workplace challenges, our creativity in crafting positive solutions, and our passion for serving our clients' interests. Our lean staffing and cloud-based technology allows us to leverage efficiencies and deliver cost savings. Based in Washington, DC, with additional offices in Atlanta, Columbus, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, we partner with clients in a broad spectrum of industries nationwide. 

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