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OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Masterclass

Although OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting has always been an important regulatory compliance issue, accurate recording and reporting determinations is more critical now than ever before. In response, the national OSHA Practice at CMC has designed an OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Masterclass, which is a deep dive into the nuances of OSHA 300 Log recordkeeping, E-Recordkeeping, and serious injury and fatality reporting, from the basics of what constitutes an injury, to navigating the complexities of determining work-relatedness and whether an incident results in a covered in-patient hospitalization or amputation as defined by OSHA’s recordkeeping and reporting regulations.


OSHA Recordkeeping

  • Scope of OSHA's Recordkeeping Authority

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Forms

  • How Do Employers Use These Forms?

  • Steps to Recordkeeping

  • Recordkeeping Hypotheticals

  • Verify, Summarize, Certify, Post & Maintain

  • 5 Common Recordkeeping Mistakes


  • E-Recordkeeping Data Submission Requirements

  • How to Use the Injury Tracking Application

  • Review of Data Submitted for 2016-2021

  • E-Recordkeeping Enforcement and Site-Specific Targeting Inspection Program

Significant Injury & Fatality Reporting

  • Hospitalization, Amputation and Fatality Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Timing Issues

  • Common Reporting Mistakes

  • What Happens After You Report?

COVID-19 Recordkeeping & Reporting

  • COVID-19 Recordkeeping Requirements

  • Determining Work-Relatedness of COVID-19 Cases

  • Enhanced COVID-19 Reporting Requirements for Healthcare

  • Unique COVID-19 Shadow Log Requirements for Healthcare


In conjunction with the masterclass, we deliver to your team an Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Resource Manual, which includes a copy of the slides we use during the training, the recording of the program, and the following recordkeeping and reporting tools and guides that we have developed:

  • A comprehensive Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Checklist

  • An OSHA Serious Injury and Fatality Reporting Flow Chart

  • A matrix of unique reporting requirements in the State Plans

  • A COVID-19 OSHA Recordkeeping & Reporting Resource Guide

  • An Informational Graphic on Common Recordkeeping Mistakes

  • An Injury and Illness Recording Practical Exercise (with a separate answer key)

  • A review of the nuances of hospitalization and amputation reporting requirements

If you are interested in a private, exclusive program for your organization, we are happy to schedule that with you. Alternatively, we are happy to organize a lower-cost group program with other select employers.


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Thank you all! The training was great! Your team presented this in such an understandable way and answered all our questions. I thought the content and delivery were great.

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It really was a great course and the feedback from our whole team was excellent! Thank you again. We look forward to working with you again in the future.


Very comprehensive program. The written resources are so useful. This program is exactly what this group needed.

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