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OSHA has increased enforcement to new levels. We are seeing, as part of OSHA’s focused effort to use (and sharpen) all the tools in its enforcement toolbox, more onsite compliance inspections, higher penalties, record numbers of $100K+ and $1M+ citation packages, and a continuing rise in "willful" and "repeat" citations and worker safety criminal prosecutions. OSHA also continues to execute creative ways to target enforcement resources and expand punitive measures such as the Severe Violator Enforcement Program and Instance-by-Instance citations. On top of that, OSHA has just issued its new Worker Walkaround Representative Designation Process Rule, which will allow third parties (e.g., union representatives at non-union workplaces, plaintiff's attorneys and their experts, disgruntled former employees,  family members of injured employees, and even competitors) to participate in OSHA inspections as employee representatives. 

Accordingly, the consequences for employers being caught ill-prepared for an OSHA inspection, and making bad choices during an inspection, are more dire now than ever. To that end, Conn Maciel Carey's national OSHA Practice has developed an OSHA Inspection Masterclass designed to assist employers in preparing for and then managing OSHA inspections so as to put the workplace and your safety program in the best possible light, mitigate the potential disruptions from an OSHA inspection, and avoid costly enforcement actions.


How to Achieve Successful

Outcomes from OSHA Inspections

Strategies to Prepare in Advance

for an OSHA Inspection

Employers', Employees', and OSHA's

Rights During an OSHA Inspection

Tips for Managing Each

Stage of an OSHA Inspection

What to Do If OSHA Brings a Third Party to Participate in the Inspection

How to Build and Prepare

Your Inspection Team


In conjunction with the masterclass, we deliver to your team an OSHA Inspection Resource Manual, which includes the slides from the training, a recording of the program, and the following tools and templates that we have developed:

  • OSHA Inspection Toolkit

  • Inspection Procedure Template

  • Document Production Cover Letter Template

  • Document Production Tracking Log

  • Non-Supervisor Choice of Interview Representative Form

  • And More!


Let us know if you are interested in scheduling a private, exclusive program for your organization. Alternatively, we are happy to organize a lower-cost group program with multiple employers at the same time.

Thank you for your submission!

A CMC attorney will be in touch.

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