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Conn Maciel Carey LLP (“Conn Maciel Carey” or the “firm”) has placed information on this website, our blogs, and in certain electronic mailings to provide information to the public. Use of this website does not in any manner constitute or establish an attorney-client relationship between Conn Maciel Carey and the user. This website may be deemed to constitute "attorney advertising" in jurisdictions from which it is accessed. The decision to hire a lawyer is a serious one and should be undertaken after consideration of all relevant information, not only information on this website.

In addition, while we welcome your inquiries, simply contacting our firm will not create an attorney-client relationship. Before we can undertake a representation, we must, among other things, determine that doing so will not involve a conflict of interest. Conn Maciel Carey will presume that a communication from anyone is not within an attorney-client relationship and therefore is not confidential unless the firm has agreed to represent or advise you. Therefore, you should not send us any confidential information or information about any legal matter until we have agreed to represent or advise you. Please note that any information that you convey to our firm before an attorney-client relationship has been established may not be deemed privileged or confidential by a judicial authority.

To inquire about legal representation by Conn Maciel Carey you may contact our offices.

All material on this website, unless it is otherwise marked, is copyright Conn Maciel Carey LLP. Use of some images on this website by Conn Maciel Carey LLP is pursuant to license. Also, this website may utilize "cookies" with your web browser.

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