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Conn Maciel Carey offers at least monthly complimentary MSHA webinars hosted by the attorneys in the firm's national MSHA  Workplace Safety practice. If you missed any of our past programs, or if you are unable to attend a live program in the future, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and get instant notifications as soon as a new recording is available.

Check out the schedule and program descriptions for the 2023 MSHA Webinar Series and register!  


See below for a year by year archive of MSHA webinar recordings. 

For a full index of all of the topics of the archived webinars, click here.

2023 MSHA  Workplace Safety Webinar Recordings

2023 Webinars
2021 MSHA
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2020 MSA
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2020 MSHA  Workplace Safety Webinar Recordings