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Eric Kara and Bryan Headshot

In the fall of 2014

Eric J. Conn

Kara M. Maciel, and 

Bryan A. Carey 

formed the law firm

Conn Maciel Carey LLP.

We came together after realizing that the traditional law firm service model no longer aligned with the best interests of our clients. We want our client relationships to be collaborative, driven by the needs of the companies and individuals we represent and the challenges that they face. As such, we are developing a new service model for our law firm grounded on listening to our clients, providing customized solutions, and crafting positive outcomes. All of our lawyers and staff are devoted to improving our clients’ businesses through excellent legal service.


Our five core principles define the heart of our firm:


We are a boutique law firm focusing on solving our clients’ Labor & Employment, OSHA, and Litigation problems.



We know our clients’ businesses and understand the emerging legal and regulatory challenges arising in their industries.



Our hallmark of service is our creativity in crafting positive, customized solutions to the particular challenges our clients face.



With our lean approach to staffing and use of cloud-based technology, we are able to leverage efficiencies to deliver cost-savings for our clients.



Because we treat our clients as our partners, we bring passion and commitment to all of our client relationships.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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