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Amanda R. Strainis-Walker was quoted in an article titled "OSHA Targets Auto Parts Suppliers."


An excerpt:


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched a Regional Emphasis Program (REP) in the southeastern U.S. to improve hazardous working conditions in the automotive-parts-supplier industry.


The inspection program covers Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi through January 2015.


"As a result of the REP, most automotive-supply manufacturers located in the Southeast can expect a comprehensive, wall-to-wall OSHA inspection within the next two years," said Amanda Strainis-Walker. … "The only way these automotive-supply manufacturers can avoid such an inspection is if they were already the subject of a comprehensive OSHA inspection during the preceding two years." …


Strainis-Walker recommends that employers prepare now for an inspection by:


  • Ensuring that injury and illness record-keeping forms are current, accurate and ready to produce to OSHA.

  • Reviewing written programs to confirm they are up-to-date, compliant and consistent with what is happening on the plant floor. "Focus on lockout/tagout, including the requirement to conduct annual lockout/tagout certifications," she said.

  • Certifying employee training is current and filling in any gaps.

  • Conducting regular walkthrough inspections to affirm employees are following company policies and training.

  • Having a third-party safety audit conducted, preferably under the protection of attorney-client privilege.


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2010 - present

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