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Upcoming Webinars:



Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities for Mine Operators and Contractors at MSHA Facilities

Presented by Nicholas W. Scala on Dec. 1st at 1pm ET regarding:

The relationship between production operator and independent contractor at a mine site is more critical than ever to the industry. Most operations welcome contractors on site to perform tasks, from routine equipment maintenance, to specialty construction and service. With the increase in contractors in the mining industry, MSHA recently noted a sharp increase in the number of serious and fatal injuries sustained by contractors. Now, independent contractors will be under a microscope when at mine sites. Therefore, it is essential for production operations and their contractors to understand the obligations of each party under MSHA. This webinar will review the delineation of responsibilities for both production and independent contractors. It will also provide strategies for working cooperatively while protecting each company’s interests.

During this webinar, participants will learn about:


  • Liability under the Mine Act for all production operators and independent contractors working at a mine;

  • MSHA’s ability to cite both companies for the violations of the one operator;

  • Strategies for independent contractors to improve safety and health programs at MSHA sites; and

  • Best practices for production operators pre-qualifying and monitoring contractors.


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Lessons Learned from the Roll-out of Virginia OSHA's COVID-19 Emergency Standard

Presented by Conn Maciel Carey and Safety Resource Associates, with Special Guest from VOSH on Dec. 7th at 1pm ET regarding:

Earlier this Summer, Virginia became the first state in the nation to promulgate a mandatory safety regulation designed to reduce COVID-19 infections in the workplace, when Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam announced the commonwealth’s adoption of an Emergency Temporary Standard (“ETS”). The COVID-19 ETS, which was drafted by Virginia’s Department of Labor and Industry, requires Virginia employers to:

  • Assess potential exposures to COVID-19 in the workplace

  • Categorize the level of risk of exposure from Low to Very High (each with different mitigation requirements)

  • Develop and implement a written infection control plan

  • Provide employee training on the virus and control measures in the workplace

  • Make certain notifications about infected employees to co-workers, to VOSH, and to the VA Dept. of Health

VOSH’s COVID-19 ETS went to effect on July 27th, with major elements of the rule kicking in in August and September. Now, several months into implementation of the COVID-19-specific regulation, we check on the status of the rule, challenges employers have faced complying with it, and enforcement issues.


During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Background about VOSH’s COVID-19 Standard

  • What to include in your required Infection Control Plan

  • Requirements for training, face masks, sanitation, and notifications about infected employees

  • Compliance challenges employers have faced

  • Enforcement trends and forecasts

  • Proactive measures to stave off potential wage & hour claims; and

  • The proper way for employers to implement new wage & hour regulations into their pay practices.

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Delaying Retirement: Impact of America's Aging Workforce on OSHA and Employment Matters

Presented by Jordan Schwartz, Amanda Strainis-Walker and Beeta Lashkari on Dec. 16th at pm ET regarding: 

The single biggest factor affecting safety and health in America’s workplaces today is our aging workforce. Older workers offer valuable experience and job knowledge, but with that comes an increased risk of serious workplace injuries due to physiological changes affecting flexibility, strength, vision, hearing, and balance. Although older workers experience fewer total injuries than their junior counterparts, the injuries they do have tend to be more severe and require longer recovery times. With more than 30 million workers 55 years or older expected to be in the U.S. labor force by 2025, and huge numbers of workers remaining in the workforce well past traditional retirement age, employers face unique challenges in keeping employees safe and healthy and complying with a host of state and federal laws.

This webinar will review the realities of our nation’s aging workforce and how employers must carefully address these realities without running afoul of OSHA regulations and federal and state anti-discrimination laws, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Participants in this webinar will learn about:

  • Data and trends driving America’s aging workforce

  • Impact the aging workforce has on workplace safety and health

  • Related OSHA regulatory issues employers must monitor

  • Title VII, and other age and disability discrimination pitfalls

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