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Upcoming Webinars:

Update about the US Chemical Safety Board (the CSB)

Presented by Eric J. Conn, Micah Smith and Beeta B. Lashkari on Mar. 16th at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT 

For a small agency, a lot happened at the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (the CSB) last year – and not all related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the CSB promulgated an accidental release reporting rule, requiring employers to report certain chemical incidents to the CSB. Although the rule went into effect last Spring, the CSB set a 1-year enforcement “grace period” to allow time for the regulated community to become familiar with the rule, and for the Agency to develop guidance about the new rule. With the grace period expiring next month, it is critical for employers to understand their new compliance obligations.

In addition, with expired terms, early departures, and the swearing in of a new Chairperson (but no other Board members), the CSB’s Board became a “quorum of one” for the first time, begging questions about its authority to vote on mission-critical work product, such as investigation reports, and its ability to conduct the agency’s business. Although Pres. Biden will likely nominate new Board Members, the Senate confirmation process can be a slog, especially for lower priority agency nominations, meaning the CSB may maintain a quorum of one for an extended period.

Participants in this webinar will learn: 

  • Requirements of the Accidental Release Reporting Rule

  • Board governance with a quorum of one

  • Impact of new Biden-appointed Board member nominees

  • Status of staffing and hiring efforts

  • New investigation reports, case studies, and other work product

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COVID-19 and MSHA: Best Practices and Compliance Strategies for Mine Operators

Presented by Nicholas Scala on Mar. 18th at 1 pm ET

COVID-19 is, has been, and will continue to be part of every workplace in the nation for the foreseeable future. To this point during the pandemic, MSHA has largely taken a back seat in providing guidance to the nation’s mine operators regarding COVID or attempting to enforce new or existing regulations with respect to COVID-19 in mine. The onus was passed onto mine operators to establish and implement best practices for the workforce. Now, as we enter the Biden Administration, mine operators will still shoulder the responsibility for ensuring workplace safety considerations are put into effect for COVID-19, but also, it is likely that MSHA may take a more active roll. This webinar will review lessons learned and best practices for mine operators regarding COVID-19 in the workplace, while also looking to any new or existing regulatory compliance obligation facing mine operators.

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • An account of MSHA’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis and predictions about where MSHA will go next in regulating COVID-19 in the workplace

  • Review of any existing or new regulation, including MSHA/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards

  • A forecast of COVID-related enforcement under President Biden’s Department of Labor

  • COVID-19 best practices for employers in the workplace

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Annual Cal/OSHA Update: Legislation, Regulation, Guidance, Executive Orders and More! Oh My!

Presented by Andrew Sommer, Fred Walter, and Megan Shaked on Mar. 23rd at 1 pm ET

This year’s annual Cal/OSHA update will cover the latest legislative, regulatory and enforcement developments concerning COVID-19, including the Emergency COVID-19 Prevention Rule. We will also alert you to new regulatory changes concerning the Wildfire Smoke rule, various proposed rules being considered by Cal/OSH Standards Board, and general DOSH enforcement trends.

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • The COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard

  • Mandates for providing notice of potential COVID-19 exposure and positive cases (Assembly Bill 685 and Senate Bill 1159)

  • DOSH guidance on recording and reporting COVID-19 cases

  • Changes to the Wildfire Smoke regulation and related guidance

  • Other regulatory developments from the Standards Board, such as the status of proposed regulations on indoor heat and workplace violence, and others, and

  • Strategies for coping with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape

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