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Conn Maciel Carey is a boutique law firm focused on Labor & Employment, Workplace Safety, and Litigation. The clients we serve — from multi-national organizations to individuals — seek us out for strategic guidance ranging from day-to-day employment counseling to managing government regulatory investigations to leading complex litigation. What sets us apart is our special emphasis on workplace challenges, our creativity in crafting positive solutions, and our passion for serving our clients' interests.

Upcoming Webinars:

Joint- and Multi-Employer, Independent Contractor, and Temp Worker Employment Law and OSHA Issues

Presented by Eric J. Conn, Jordan B. Schwartz, and Justin M. Winter on Tuesday, July 11th at 1pm ET / 10am PT for a webinar regarding:​

Employers’ perceptions about their legal responsibilities for certain workers is not always reality.  Although an employer may classify workers as temporary workers or independent contractors, that does not mean the Department of Labor takes the same view.  At the tail end of the Obama Administration, DOL was vocal about its belief that most workers should be treated as employees, insinuating that in most cases, employers will be accountable for the specific obligations of an employer-employee relationship.  Additionally, employers may have certain obligations and potential liability depending on their role at multi-employer worksites or in joint employer situations. DOL has been cracking down on employee misclassification and division of responsibility among multiple employers.

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Working Effectively with Counsel During Investigations and Contest

Presented by Justin M. Winter on Wednesday, July 19th at 1pm ET / 10am PT for a webinar regarding:​

Dealing with enforcement isn’t at the top of any operator’s favorite things list. It can be a stressful and concerning experience for even the most seasoned operations. Often companies decide to engage with legal counsel during serious investigations or as deadlines approach.


This webinar will outline how to effectively work with counsel during stressful times, such as accident or fatality investigations or abatement and contest. Knowing when to contact counsel and what information should be transferred immediately can jump start the representation and help expedite a resolution.

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