A new world has just taken hold in Washington, DC, and with it, we expect OSHA to be much more open to employers’ views how regulatory programs should apply in their workplaces.  This opens the door to regulatory strategies designed to obtain favorable OSHA interpretations of existing regulations, or perhaps even the availability of the historically rare regulatory variance.  The OSH Act authorizes OSHA to grant temporary and permanent variances that allow an employer to deviate from the strict requirements of a regulation if the employer implements alternative protections to assure the workplace is “as safe as” it would otherwise be by complying with the regulatory requirement. 


This webinar will review regulatory strategies that had been effectively foreclosed during the Obama Administration, but which may now be available to employers to craft practical solutions to unnecessary regulatory burdens while continuing to keep workers safe.   

Participants in this webinar will learn about:

  • The process OSHA follows to develop and issue interpretations of its regulations and how employers can influence that process

  • Advance groundwork necessary to maximize the likelihood of a favorable regulatory interpretation

  • How and when it may be appropriate to apply for and obtain a regulatory variance

  • How to insulate your company from legal exposure when engaging with OSHA about regulatory interpretations and variances

OSHA Interpretations and Variances Regulatory Strategies Resurrected in a Trump