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Aaron R. Gelb Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Article

April 27, 2018

Gelb said the employer’s stated reason for the experience limitations in its job posting—that it was worried an attorney with more than seven years’ experience wouldn’t stay in the job for long—also “stood out.” There might be better ways to go about that, he said, including listing a salary range in the ad if another purpose of seeking a more junior attorney was to keep costs down. Gelb is a partner with Conn Maciel Carey in Chicago.

Aaron R. Gelb Quoted in Waste360 Article

April 26, 2018

In a session called “OSHA Under Trump,” Aaron Gelb, Conn Maciel Carey and Jim Slaughter of Beveridge & Diamond discussed whether OSHA has changed in the 15 months since President Donald Trump took office after pledging to cut back government’s reach into workplaces. Moderated by Jerry Peters of Rumpke Consolidated Companies, the session also focused on possible agency changes down the road, and the speakers gave tips on getting through OSHA inspections.


“Trump said there would not only be less enforcement but that there would be deregulation. We are not seeing efforts to deregulate or deconstruct at OSHA,” said Gelb.

Aaron R. Gelb Quoted in Inside OSHA Article

March 05, 2018

Aaron Gelb, of the law firm Conn Maciel Carey, says that he doubts the agency will promulgate a standard to address the issue but that “sexual harassment fits in that definition” and “as people look to address this issue OSHA may look into it as a workplace hazard.”

Aaron R. Gelb Quoted in Inside OSHA Article

January 17, 2018

Aaron Gelb, also of Conn Maciel Carey, pointed to the shift in content and tone on OSHA's website and noted that many of the OSHA “Quick Takes” emails have had more of an emphasis on cooperative programs than enforcement.

He also expects that while OSHA will issue “substantially” fewer press releases than the Obama administration, OSHA will likely be issuing them at a higher frequency than in 2017.

Aaron R. Gelb Quoted in Inside OSHA Article

January 11, 2018

Gelb argued that while “everyone agrees with the objective” of Schumer's plan, that Schumer “misunderstood” the process of receiving OSHA citations and suggested that while Mugno is open to working with lawmakers, that he may approach the issue differently.

“Any company that has a serious citation will have to share the info,” Gelb said noting that most citations issued by OSHA are “serious,” and that not every citation will involve issues concerning the safety of first responders.

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